The Crew


We’re creating original mischief at The Holdy…

The Holdy has been a landmark local pub for decades, so we are getting back to our roots. We’ll pay tribute to our history, but we’ll always keep things interesting, doing things our way. Meet the original mischief makers:



Captain Jeff

The leader of the pack, Cap’n Jeff has lead our seamen across the rough seas and around the world, all the way back to their trusty local, The Holdy. When they were out at sea they were faced with horrendous conditions, but survived and have the stories to prove it. Just ask him, and he will tell you all about it. He’s always up for a yarn.


Second Mate Tiana

Our mate Tiana is strong, smart and worldly. She is Cap’n Jeffs right hand, helping him with physical tasks on board to keep the ship afloat. Jeff was intrigued by the different cultures they encountered along the way and brought back great knowledge of people and cuisines.


Seaman Aleksandr

Aleksandr knows how to have a good time, with all kinds of people. He’s the entertainer of the crew and always keeps things interesting on long haul voyages through the high seas. This Seaman likes a drink or two, and is full of surprises. His drinking sessions go for days, sometimes, weeks.